Italian Dressing Chicken

This is a recipe that was popular back in the eighties.

My buddy calls it “blackened fowl”.

It is best cooked with bone-in, skin on, chicken breasts.

I used five big ones…leave intact.

Lemon pepper in your freezer zip lock bag; a couple table spoons

Add your chicken breasts, and sprinkle a little more lemon pepper on the breasts while in the bag…don’t over do the lemon pepper.

Add your Italian dressing to the bag (I use zesty Italian).

Bleed out the air and squish it around some to get the breasts coated.

Marinate for at last six hours in fridge before putting on grill, turning frequently.

I drain the breasts in a colander, and reserve the drippings to baste while cooking.

Now consider this:

This is oil. It will burn like an old lumber yard if it catches fire. Let your fire burn past the peak before placing these on your grill. It will take longer than burgers, because they are thick.

The skin will burn…don’t worry. It will be delicious.

Baste and turn often. Cover your grill if they catch fire (they will), but no too long so as to put out the fire.

If you think they’re ready, cut into thickest part of breast and check for doneness. Don’t over cook or they will dry out.

This chicken is excellent off the grill, and a great addition to a salad.

It can be eaten cold too.

One can also marinate the bags, and freeze one for another time.

It’s best to eat the chicken you cook. The cooked breasts do not freeze well…I don’t know why.

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