Meat Loaf

The limitations of meat loaf possibilities are limited only by imagination

Basic Recipe

2-3 lbs of ground meat..all beef, chuck, or turkey, or pork or any combo thereof.


Usually, a filler is required. This can be a cup of cooked rice, oatmeal, crushed soda crackers, crumbled corn bread, bread crumbs…something to help soak up the  moisture generated by all the meat.

2-3 egg help hold that solid chunk of meat together.

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

After that, use whatcha got

finely chopped onion…too big of piece and it will fall apart

finely chopped green pepper

oregano, basil, or what have you in the spice area.

For Italian style, or  Mexican style, use appropriate spices…don’t over do…watch the garlic as it can take over.

I have placed a chunk of mozzarella in the middle with pepperoni slices…

You can mix in bbq sauce with your meat…maybe 1/4-1/2 C no  more, or it will fall apart.

I always top with ketchup

Bake at least 75-90 minutes at 350°. Sometimes, I drain off the fat at that time, and put back in oven to finish crisping the outside.

Don’t over bake. After 90  minutes, watch closely, as it can get over cooked quickly without the fat.

I have a variety of loaf pans; cast iron, aluminum, Pyrex…various sizes to accommodate varying degrees of loaf size.

Three pounds of meat will require the larger pan, or two smaller ones.

If using smaller pans, decrease baking time by at least 15 minutes.

Serve with potatoes, gravy, and a canned veggie.

Leftovers may be sliced thin for meat loaf sammiches…

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