Jalepeno Poppers

I don’t know why they call them poppers, but then I don’t understand guys wear shorts around their ankles.

You will need large, whole, fresh jalepenos

room temp thick sliced bacon; plan on one slice per jalepeno

cream cheese; I used the regular brick…softened helps spreading


Cut the stems off your jalepenos, then carefully cut them vertically in half. Use gloves; if not, be very careful about touching around your eyes for a while…and other places.

Scrape out all the seeds and the white pith; this is where the heat comes from

Fill the halves with cream cheese; try to keep the halves together

Put halves together, and wrap bacon around using two toothpick(s) to hold bacon around. Consider using a third to close the open end…I didn’t except the last one I wrapped from the small end then finished by pushing one through the bacon and the end of the pepper.

I put them on the grill. Turn frequently.  Remove when bacon is done.

You can pan fry them as well. I have not tried other methods; broiling or oven.

I use brick cream cheese because the spreadable cream cheese can get very runny when placed over a hot fire.

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