Mexican breakfast foods are a joy unbounded when properly prepared.

One of my personal favorites is migas.

Basically migas is


crushed tortilla chips


Now, I add a chunk of chorizo to mine; about a thumb’s length. I cook it with 10-12 thin jalepeno slices in some butter. When the chorizo is done, I add three whole eggs, stir it around, then add maybe 1/4 C crushed tortilla chips, and some grated cheddar cheese if available. Cook until eggs are done and serve immediately.

I had some already made chili con queso, and used a large spoonful of that.

The local restaurant serves this dish with flour tortillas, and refried beans…excellent. They do not add chorizo.

Chorizo is a spicy sausage…not necessarily hot, but has lots of different spices in it. It usually comes in sausages the size of bratwursts. Just cut off what you need, and freeze the rest. Look for it in the bacon/pork sausage area of your local grocer.

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