X’s Smashed Potatoes

Who doesn’t love a big pile of mashed potatoes with a well big enough to hold a large quantity of gravy? or butter? or sour cream? or grated cheese? or all of these?

For my smashed potatoes, I use either reds or Russets. How many you need depends on how many folks you are serving. Roughly figure 1 1/2 taters per person.

8 potatoes

1/2 C melted butter

1/2 C room temp half and half;;;not milk…not whipping cream

Cut out the eyes and peel them, placing in a large pot of water. Cut them into chunks; maybe quarters? You can leave them in pot for hours at the ready.

I start my timer when the taters are at full boil for about fifteen minutes. You may just cut off heat and let them sit until you are ready. The potatoes should be the last thing you serve as you want them hot.

Drain well. You man want to save some of the potato water for your gravy; maybe a cup or so.

I have been known to use an electric mixer for the next step, but feel free to use a potato masher if  you like.

I heat melted butter in m/w with half and half to temper it a little. Don’t be chintzy with the liquids.

Mash them to desired consistency, adding melted butter and room temperature half and half to make them creamy. The general consensus around here is slightly chunky.

Serve immediately.

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