Hash Browns

Ever tried to  make  your own hash browns from scratch? Only to have them severely browned on both sides, and raw in the middle? Me too. Frustrating.

Well, thanks to a buddy of mine, Tony TSquare, he gave me a tip on the secret.

Bake your potatoes first as  you normally do. Let them cool completely.

For breakfast, heat up your fry pan for at least 5 minutes, and let it get really hot. I set my burner on 6.

Meanwhile, grate your potatoes like you would cheese. I prefer red potatoes with eyes cut out and peel on. Take your pile of grated taters and make a thick pancake from them. Pat it down. Firm the edges. It wants to fall apart, but don’t let it. Add salt at this time; no pepper as pepper will burn.

When your pan is hot enough, throw 2-3 tablespoons of butter in your pan, and gather your tater patty with a wide spatula, and gently place it into the puddle of your melted butter.

Walk away for 5 minutes. It will sizzle and pop, and that’s OK. You want it crispy so it holds together when you turn it.

Before turning, put 5-6 blobs of butter on top, then gently flip it. Walk away. Give it 5 minutes minimum.

Remove it from pan. If you are successful, your hash browns are crispy on both sides, and hot and done inside.

Pepper now, and ketchup if desired. You may keep them warm in an oven if you are making multiple servings.

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