X’s Fruit Jell-O Tips

My wife loves the way I make her fruit Jell-O.

You pick your flavor of Jell-O and the canned fruit you will use.

First, drain the fruit of into a strainer, and save the juice in another freezer safe container. A small zip top bag works just fine, as you will only use it once. Get it into the freezer, and wait until it is frozen solid, or almost.

In whatever bowl you will serve the Jell-O from, chill it in the fridge as well with the drained fruit.

When you are ready, here’s what I do…

In a microwave safe container (I use a 2 C Pyrex cup) measure 1 C water. Put in m/w for 2:30. Have your Jell-O packet opened and ready. When it comes out, it will be boiling. Slowly pour your Jell-O into the Pyrex while stirring, continuing to do so until Jell-O is dissolved.

Now add your frozen fruit juice, and ice cubes to make 2 C even. Stir until ice is dissolved.

Pour into your bowl and stir briefly, then chill in fridge. It should only take a couple hours before it has set.

I usually add a handful of pecan halves to the bowl before chilling, as my wife loves them.

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