Buffalo Burgers

If you have never had a charbroiled buffalo burger, than you have missed something delicious, and you owe it to yourself to try them at least once.

I mix 1 lb of ground bison with a pound of ground chuck. Mix in a large bowl by hand,  being sure to get the two meat well blended.

We add the chuck to add some fat as the buffalo meat is very lean, and if you do not add a fatter meat to it, they burgers will literally fall apart while you cook them on the grill.

I use a digital scale and measure 1/2 pound of meat per burger (that will give you 4 burgers). I put them in a cake pan, and chill them for a couple of hours.

When you’re ready, start your fire, and get it hot as the sun.

Put your burgers on the grill carefully, and cook them fast…but don’t burn them. If you’re really good, you will only need to turn them once. Don’t turn them too early the first time or they might break up.

I serve on giant wheat bun will whatever burger fixings you or your  brood like.

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