Cubed Steak

This isn’t really chicken fried steak, but it’s very close.

Cubed steak; you know, the tenderized breakfast steaks? However many you want; figure two per person.

Get yourself a Dutch oven and begin to heat it on medium heat. While you are doing that…

I start by salting and peppering each steak individually both sides. Then flour generously each side.

When Dutch oven is hot, pour in about a half inch olive oil (depending on how many you have) and when the oil gets “shimmery”, it is ready.

Put two steaks in at a time. No touching, and no touching sides of Dutch oven. Fry for two minutes each side. Remove and place inside Dutch oven lid resting nearby, and cover with heavy duty foil.

Cook steaks two at a time until they are all browned, leaving them to rest inside Dutch oven lid.

Add 2 Cups chicken broth (at least) to the Dutch oven, whisking up the brownings. When it begins to boil, add 1/4 tsp ground thyme and whisk in.

Put your steaks in, being sure that they are mostly covered. OK to overlap them. They do not have to be completely submerged, but close.

Put lid on Dutch oven and place into preheated oven at 300° for 2 hours. Be sure your lid fits squarely or the broth will boil out and burn everything.

At 2 hours, it’s ready.

You can make gravy from the drippings, or the broth will have thickened and makes a nice thick sauce.

Great with potatoes.

I got this recipe from Good Eats episode “Cubing A Round”.

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