Easy Cheesecake

This was one of my mom’s secret recipes.

You will need

1 1/2 C either vanilla wafer or graham cracker crumbs

1/3 C melted butter

1 pkg INSTANT lemon Jello pudding

2 C whole milk

1 8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened

blend the butter with the crumbs. If using graham crackers, add 1 T sugar while blending. Press crumb mixture into 9 1/2 inch pie pan, or round aluminum pan and bake at 325° for ten minutes. Cool completely.

To your softened cream cheese, add 3/4 C milk that has been microwaved 30 seconds. Using mixer, blend well with your softened cream cheese. Mix until smooth.

Add the remainder of chilled milk (1 1/4C), jello pudding, and blend until thickened. Pour into crust and chill until set.

X likes cherry pie filling for his topping.

Strawberries, cut up and mixed with sugar work nicely, as well as blueberries, peaches, or whatever you like.


I use my hand mixer for recipes like this.

My Kitchenaid whisk does not reach the bottom of the mixing bowl, and thus leaves unmixed batter behind.

A package of graham crackers used to be more than 1 1/2 C…now it takes more than one package to attain 1 1/2 C. Why? because even though you pay the same amount, you get fewer graham crackers.

That ain’t right.

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