Potato Salad

I too was stymied, mystified about how to make potato salad, until I was into my thirties. A friend of mine’s mother gave me the direction I needed, and I have since refined it to a very basic recipe. One of the tricks is to bake your potatoes, and let them cool completely to room temp, then pop into fridge overnight to chill. I prefer red potatoes, with only the eyes removed. Scrub well, butter, and wrap in foil. Place in 400° oven for 55  minutes, and shut off oven and let cool. I use a toaster oven with no problem.

You will need

eight medium baked red potatoes, chilled

4 hard boiled eggs, chilled (I use one egg for each two taters)

a large dill pickle, I prefer polish style chopped coarsely

and/ or dill pickle relish

sweet pickles, coarsely chopped

and/or sweet pickle relish

Miracle Whip to taste with sour cream; half each?

yellow mustard to taste I squirt one and one half ring around the bowl.

options: unlimited

black/ green olives with pimientos removed, a dozen?

chopped crispy fried bacon, 3-4 pieces

celery, thin sliced/chopped

fresh bell pepper chopped

cut your  taters into chunks bigger than the end of your pinky.

Take your hard boiled eggs, and fork them into small pieces on a cutting board

add your pickles and or relish

Start with a big dollop spoon of Miracle Whip

a little sour cream works too (1/4C)

Use a bowl scraper to mix ingredients.

I have been known to add a little bit of green olive juice into the mix.

Cut your black olives in half.

Blend well.

Add cracked black pepper if you like.

Some top with paprika for the color.

Cover your bowl with plastic and push your plastic directly on top of the potato salad.  This will decrease condensation on the  underside of the plastic.

Serve chilled.


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