Chocolate Bonbons

A double boiler makes this work much better. Don’t have one? Use a 4 qt saucepan with boiling water, and a metal bowl that fits on top.

Blend together

1 can condensed milk

1 stick softened butter


1 1/2 C powdered sugar


8 oz package of coconut


4 Cups finely chopped pecans

chill for two or three hours.

Form into balls about the size of walnuts, chill again.



I rolled these a little big. There were 58 of them.



Meanwhile, in double boiler melt 2 packages semi-sweet chocolate chips. Also melt about 1/2 slab of paraffin.

This is 12 oz of chocolate chips, 1/2 slab of paraffin, and a 1 oz chunk of almond bark. We will tip the boiler and dip in the deep end to completely coat our candies.


When all is melted, using a toothpick or other suitable tool, dip bonbons into chocolate and place on non-stick cookie sheet to cool. Keep refrigerated. I used a half sheet with wax paper. My notes on the recipe say that wax paper is best.

I added another cup of chocolate chips to a total of 3 cups; maybe a little more, and I added the other half slab of paraffin…see note.

Note: This batch of chocolate dip was a virgin batch; meaning that it  was made from scratch. Normally, I use the chunk leftover from my previous use of the double boiler as the chocolate will keep almost indefinitely. Next time, I will use the leftover from this, and add more chocolate but not near as much paraffin. Make sense? The chocolate was way too thick before I added the extra paraffin.



Keep several toothpicks about.

Dip quickly as the bonbons get warmer, they don’t twirl with the toothpick. Perhaps the flat toothpicks work better. I use another toothpick to push the bonbons off the toothpick onto the wax paper.

Makes about 100 if you roll them small enough.

They must be kept refrigerated as they will get very mushy if allowed to get to room temp.

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