Coming Soon: Another batch of beer

Azacca single hop pale ale. Have i already posted about this one? It seems familiar. Anyway, I was toying around with brewing a Holiday Ale and decided to do this kit instead. It sure looked good. Just under $60 with the White labs yeast and shipping.

I will probably brew this coming Monday as the beer is supposed to take six weeks before it’s ready. That would put it right after Christmas.

This will be very different from any beer I have brewed before; at leoast the technique will be, if I decide to follow it.

This brew uses cracked grains, no big deal.

It uses two types of extract syrup; 3.3 lbs each. One is called golden syrup, the other is pilsen malt syrup (shrug). The golden syrup is called to be added at the last fifteen minutes of the boil. WTF?

There are four ounces of pellet hops as well. The pain in the ass about pellet hops is that they are very fine and clog up the screen in the funnel. The recipe calls for 2 ounces of pellet hops in the secondary fermenter with no provision for ridding the beer of them say for “don’t pour the hop sludge into your mug when serving”. Not kidding.

If I’d have know this, I would not have purchased it.

The only way to sidestep the pellet hop issue is to use a hop bag in the secondary. It should contain most of the hops. Will do separate recipe post for the brew when I do it. Should be tomorrow, the 15th.

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