Salsa Verde and Tomatillos

If you’ve never had fresh made salsa verde from tomatillos, then you’ve missed something.

Salsa verde makes a great dip for chips and even an addition to enchilada fillings.

Tomatillos are a special variety of tomatos that are grown in husks and stay green.

Tomatillo.jpg Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Basically, you take your fresh tomatillos, remove the husks, and cut in half. Also quarter an onion, and a serrano pepper if desired (course you do).

Put on butcher paper and under broiler for 5 minutes. Turn all over and roast again for another 5 minutes. It’s OK if parts turn black. Save the juices too and put into food processor and grind until desired consistency. You can salt to taste and some fresh cilantro leaves if desired.

The tomatillos will make your salsa verde surprisingly sweet.

There are dozens of recipes out there.



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