Various Tacos

One of my favorite breakfast foods are tacos. There are more kinds of tacos than I could possible name. Usually, tacos contain two to three ingredients.

One of my absolute favorites is guisada tacos. Guisada is basically slow cooked beef with a thickened sauce…slightly spicy. I like mine with cheese; preferably cheddar.

This is the spice I use. This brand is out of San Antonio.


You can get this from Ebay, if your local grocery store does not have it…

One can use many kinds of meat; I usually use boneless shoulder, but sirloin would be very good, round, chuck would all work. Cut meat into chunks about the size of the last joint in your pinky finger…a couple pounds at least. Brown with some oil, then add enough beef broth to cover meat, and simmer for two hours; covered. That will make the meat very tender. Then mix 5 tablespoons with 1/3 C water, and add to beef. Leave lid off, and cook off water until desired thickness is reached.

Grated cheddar, jack or even American cheese works.

For tortillas, I use the raw uncooked ones. Sure, you can use store bought; fresher is best. I have not yet perfected making tortillas from scratch.

Raw tortillas are cooked on a very hot pan for about 45 seconds per side.

I like to put the taco in a toaster oven in foil for about ten minutes to assure that the cheese gets gooey.

My other favorite is egg, tomato, and cheese. I scramble three eggs (no milk) and put into two large prepared tortillas, top with cheese, and put into toaster oven for 10 minutes, then put about half of a fresh chopped tomato. Ready to eat.

Combinations include and are certainly not limited to



cooked potato


lettuce (good with guisada)

beans, make your own pintos or Ranch Style beans are excellent

Of course, fajitas cooked on the grill excellent tacos with cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream…the list goes on.



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