Wheat Beer

Making your own beer is like cooking; you make what you like, the way you like.

I would probably have never discovered wheat beer without the suggestions from a friend and the guy at the  homebrew store.

The style is traditional German Wheat. This beer is very lightly hopped, as is the style. The yeast is what gives the beer its taste. The hops are mostly for aroma.

Wyeast 3068 Wiehenstephan yeast

8 lbs wheat dme

1/2 oz Cascade whole leaf hops

1/2 oz Hallertauer whole leaf hops

I always make a starter for my homebrew. This is done by boiling 1/2 C wheat malt with 1 C water, a allowing to cool. Meanwhile, smacking the yeast and allowing it to expand for a day or so, then adding the contents to the starter. Allow it to sit another 12 hours to so, then one can brew the beer. The starter makes a small batch of beer, but it contains trillions of yeast cells which will help your beer ferment better and faster.

Using a 5 gallon stainless steel pot, I heat 3 gallons of water to boiling. I removed from heat and add my eight pounds of wheat dme, making absolutely sure that every morsel is completely dissolved. If not, it will burn on the bottom of the pot, thus ruining the entire batch.

When dissolved, we return it to the heat and bring it back to a boil. We have to be careful and not let it boil over. It will be required to adjust the heat so as not to allow the pot to boil over. My stove is ceramic and is easy to move the pot off the burner. If you have gas heat..good. If it boils over, you will have a mess and a stink that is indescribable. Start your timer when the boil begins. We will boil for a total of one hour.

After our hot break occurs, we can relax a little. Get your carboy out and sanitize it. At 30 minutes, we add our 1/2 ounce of Cascade hops. At 55 minutes, we add our Hallertauer hops. At 60 we removed from heat and begin to cool.

I use a water bath in the sink and I also add ice into the beer. It takes 20 minutes.

Pour into carboy through funnel with strainer to filter out the hops.

Add water to carboy to make five gallon marker. Use aireator to put O2 back into beer.

Check the original gravity and it is 1.064. We look for a target final gravity of 1/4 the original, which will be 1.016.

Pitch yeast, shake up, and let sit with airlock tube.

Now we wait. Will update.



Gravity is 1.016 which is exactly what I was looking for.

DSCN0713 Those of you who homebrew understand that this gravity reading, which is exactly 1/4 of the OG, indicates that our primary ferment is done.

Will rack and wait another week, then bottle.

When the beer is racked into the secondary fermenter, at that time we could add fruit. This would add another week to our time, but this batch will stay regular beer.

Am planning to make a batch of Chimay white in the next couple weeks.

Update 3/25

I bottled the beer today. I used 3/4 C corn sugar dissolved in 2 C water. The gravity today was 1.012…not bad. Now I wait a week or so, and I’ll have some tasty German wheat beer.

I am expecting my Chimay white supplies today as well. I’ll be brewing that after my wheat beer carbonates, and I can get it out of the way. I post my recipe plan for this beer recently.

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