Candy Bon Bons

This recipe requires a double boiler. It makes about 80 candies. It’s a long process so set aside a day for the chilling required for this.

1 can condensed milk

8 oz coconut

1 stick butter

4 cups finely chopped pecans

1 1/2 C powdered sugar

12 oz chocolate chips…more would be better

paraffin about 1/4 of a rectangle

Blend together condensed milk and butter. Then blend in powdered sugar. Then pecans, then coconut. Blend well and chill for two hours.

Remove from fridge and roll into walnut sized balls. Chill again.

In your double boiler, start your water and put in second pot. Put chocolate chips and paraffin. Stir until melted and paraffin and chips are totally incorporated.

Using toothpicks, dip each bonbon into chocolate, and put on cookie sheet.

Chill again. These must stay refrigerated or they will turn into mush in your hand. They will keep for months in your fridge. Ours never last that long.

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